About Us


ADVAN MINER is a distributor company focused on selling Crypto Currency Miner Hardware. As a legal company, we are committed to provide the best service to customers, providing convenience in transactions. ADVAN MINER established since 2016 tried to improve the service through our website built in 2017 with a target to facilitate our customers in determining the desired product without having to come directly to our store. Not only that, through the website that we build, customers can easily inquire related to the products we sell and related to the sale and purchase transactions.

We only sell products that follow market developments as well as market needs, and we only sell quality recognized products with easy technical support.

We are a company that has experience in providing the best service, our company has service standard which become one of priority in work system in our company.

Our company is supported by employees who work professionally and experienced in their field. Our employees will provide full 24 Hour support.